Yacht Charter Malta Can A Spanish Yacht Captain Work/sail On A Charter Yacht Under The Malta Flag?

Can a spanish yacht captain work/sail on a charter yacht under the Malta flag? - yacht charter malta

not as easy as it is ...
, What is the tank size depends on
> 200GT need to check the laws of Malta for small commercial vessels. Also look for the insurance contract. Many insurers require specific qualifications and / or certification of masters and engineers.
\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ U0026lt; 500GT nor the state flag of Malta in May, you can work as a captain, if you have a degree in Spanish for the same type of ship to have. But it may also require a license application Malta and taking examinations for that. Look at the Regulation.
> 500GT captain and officers have accepted the certificate for the training of Competition (COC) and moved into a Cert. equivalent capacity (CEC) by the authorities of the flag state Malta. It is a document that defines the number and contribute at all levels of the crew, is required (document the minimum requirements for the crew MSMD)
> 3000GT, you need a business license and a CEC Maltese.


garrison... said...

YES ... if you have a valid document, Merchant Mariner, as they are accepted into the world ... America License Pack 6 NO MMD and have not ... but if you have an officially licensed ... COVER can be from one country to another.

"isitme" said...

Yes, no problem.

Why do you think you're not allowed?

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