Non Confidentiality Agreement What Is The Difference Between Non Disclosure/confidentality Agreement And A Non Compete?

What is the difference between non disclosure/confidentality agreement and a non compete? - non confidentiality agreement

Can a job with a competitor and former employer. The prospective employer asked that non-compete or confidentiality agreement he had with the first. The only document I received from the former employer was not disclosed. Is it true that this difference was not competitive and I can not keep that for your competitors? No help from those who know would be appreciated. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Privacy / confidentiality enabled, also work for competitors, although we do not disclose confidential information from your previous employer.

Noncompetes prevent you to work for a competitor.

For example, I have signed non-classified information. I always work for other employers, including other governments ... I can not say that I learned the classified materials.

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