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Dwarf Hamsters - Weakness, can't use legs, no energy, death? - home aquariums for sale

I have just four dwarf hamsters from an unknown source (a friend found at a flea market, two) for a living. They came home happy and very active. I've PetSmart in a new cage. Two days later I was awakened by howling at 4 hours. Investigation into labor, I have to sit on their side, not the arms or move. She died today morning (one days later). The other three projects are now all show different degrees of the same symptoms. I have found in a glass aquarium (which was used to have an iguana at home) and brought them to a vet for exotic animals, said no idea - could encephalitis, lead poisoning or unknown, but not that the field could be the cause . He prescribed antibiotics and drip feeding of wet food (wet pellets mixed with baby food), which seems to be the means to tail "wet", although she never mentioned his name. I also noticed that everyone could cope with a side trip to heaven hamsters.

I looked for signs interwebz. I have many clues as to what exactlymy hamster seems to be the case, but no idea what that might be caused.

Oh, and my friend hamster (from the same litter, presumably).

Please can someone help? It's killing me, and my husband that these children can suffer, not to help.


Leah bobeah said...

I kill them in a way, suffered KWICK

Gerbils RULE! said...

I share a lot of trouble if you just should cam alone. may try to enable them soft food, and speak softly to calm her. But if u pick Thye only be surprised. 2 Tellu Sorry, but I think that hamster would ur r 2 die soon. : (

♥Justin Bieber's biggest fan said...

Aww. Sorry,
You can die old and ready to go.
It could be abused.
Or trampled.
I think I might die

joeylovs... said...

Very probably not eating well + sun = death shock in sorry, but there's nothing U can do, but only if DONT keep Tutcher never charged and their Tutcher

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