Herpes Arm Pictures Herpes, Hives Or Mosquito Bites?

Herpes, Hives or Mosquito Bites? - herpes arm pictures

Let me first say that I am not now, and I've never been sexually active to start. However, during the last two days, I developed a few random bumps on my arm. 2, to be exact, a chance for my inner thigh [what would have happened now]. I found the itchy and feels like a mosquito bite in the upper arm. The arms of the one I had yesterday was about two inches above the wrist (same thing), and at first glance looks like a red / pink color, but if it feels slightly raised. When the pressure is that it also applied feels a little soft. I have pictures of these two plans and came here in search of some answers or theories about what happened to my arm.

http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/3518/0901080128kt0.jpg [arm]
http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/7316/0901080134sd9.jpg [wrist]

My reason to believe that the herpes connection could be made is that my friend has been diagnosed with it, and I always try to pay attention to (for example:no sex), not the skin of the sexual skin, by skin contact.


LINDSEY S said...

which are more like mosquito bites to me, or some kind of insect bite.
is rare to have herpes of the moist areas of the body, because, like the mouth, eyes, nose and genitals. Moreover, if u did not have sexual contact with her BF kiss, or even oral sex, then there are many ways that he has won or herpes.
If your concern red bumps and then to a doctor and a medical test for herpes, or they do not have them.
BTW great photos are very good for me. is sometimes difficult to tell the thumbnails.

m s said...

does not sound like herpes at all, and herpes occurs in wetlands, such as eyes, mouth, pelvic area and could be a mosquito bite, or if it is itchy hives. Wait a few days and see if it is not, if their doctor.

erin_lay... said...

They see themselves as a kind of insect bite.

Bedbugs back from near extinction. If you live in a building or stay in a hotel in this summer could be bitten by bedbugs.

There is a possibility that I throw out there.

granny.r... said...

This is not an STD ...

You asked for it said...

Hives seem

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