Kitchen Pot Lights Is There A Way To Estimate Number Of Halogen Pot Lights And Their Placement In A Kitchen Ceiling?

Is there a way to estimate number of halogen pot lights and their placement in a kitchen ceiling? - kitchen pot lights

Reindeer through a kitchen with a 4 x 7 meters from the island and wants me as pot lights general lighting use


Tattoomo... said...

Everything depends on space and ceiling of $ 're willing to spend. Each "Helmet" has to be wired. I suggest that you are close to 3 meters.
I say 2 on the island, 1 or 2 over the sink area. And some spread depending on the size of your kitchen.

As long as they are symmetrical. Resale is important to be in conversion.

Leo L said...

Most designers with a good design CAD program, including lighting. When I work, a complete design in a section of lighting and other electrical problems. The designer must be able to produce color pictures, shows the plan of the kitchen and with the values of the light the lamps' performances, as enlightenment. By adjusting this, you can get a plan for a good light, and save time with the electrician.

brandysw... said...

I am an interior designer, and generally use one of the 9'sq. So if you are willing to take a little more to it than the island 2, is recommended.

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