Season Scooters Wheels Travel To Italy- Late January To March- Any Cautions/ Suggestions?

Travel to Italy- Late January to March- Any cautions/ suggestions? - season scooters wheels

We give 6 weeks in Italy in late January to early March 2008. I know it's out of season, but our working hours we are still limited. All notes warning that we should know? We intend to come to Rome, Calabria, Sicily, Naples, Florence, Venice and the region of Los Lagos. Are we to the rental car / scooter in some areas instead of trains? Suggestions for small hotels? Thank you, Cookie.


Gann Family in Italy said...

Yes, a few suggestions. His journey, I am afraid that this does not extend far. Breaking the country into three parts, and select one. South of Sicily / Naples. The center of Rome / Florence. North and Venice / Lakes.

If you decide to third parties, then you can grab. But if you like a typical American, damn you pack a lot and spend more time dragging the suitcase to enjoy the view.

The south can be rough, keep your valuables close. Rome and Florence can be crowded, even in winter. Venice and the lakes are beautiful, but very cold in winter.

Pack light, heat pack (much warmer than) you might think, and narrow your selection down. After "fixing" in your area, consider renting a car for at least a week. My family and I have an apartment found about 20 minutes of "large areas and tend to be about 20-50% less than in the city to pay.

Lisa B said...

The train service between cities in Italy excellent. Around the field in a particular area such as Sicily display, rent a car for a while is a good idea (Roller can also OK, but please note) the amount of time.

Your program is very ambitious, but if you have more than one month is available, it is feasible. The lake May still too cold to enjoy the beginning of March, but check at the party when you approach.

I use to find small and reasonable Hotels / Inns in Italy. I was not disappointed. For Venice to stay in the Bay of Jesolo and by ferry, you can save money.

A note of caution: Be very careful about if everything in a car in Rome in the south. I speak from personal experience badly. Keep your valuables on your person, and strong. (The thieves can be mounted next to you on a bicycle and take a shoulder bag.) The good news is that if you're careful you beautiful, an easy target, because there will be many.

Have a great time!

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