Pc Case Replacement Led Lights Single-Multi LED Replacement In PC Mod - Amplifier Needed?

Single-Multi LED replacement in PC mod - amplifier needed? - pc case replacement led lights

I do not think so much as a case mod to build. I see several LEDs instead of a power LED, five or more of them.

However, this requires more energy, usually through the power of the PC-LED, so I have / can this power extend?

Can I register a transistor amplifier?

I've never tried this before, so I was a little uncertain. How do I get the extra energy?


Milt15 said...

LED, it requires more energy than simply in series in connection with ----- end of one is the beginning of a new
and are not sure of the right connecting posts of light emitting diodes (LEDs illuminate when the emitting diodes is illuminated by the power to step in the right direction and has a very low power consumption)

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