Negative Effects Of Air Conditioning In Doing The Following Inclined Plane Experiment In Ideal Conditions Students Assume Fiction From The Air ,?

In doing the following inclined plane experiment in ideal conditions students assume fiction from the air ,? - negative effects of air conditioning

Slope or soil negligible.Astationary box at the top of the inclined plane is released and the panel glides bottom.the figure below shows the field in four different positions labledA thoughD films, as the slope at ground level, move the box down the slope on Students start the bottom of that box d.At no change in speed only by a change in direction for time0.00s Box B 0.85s box 1.25 to box 1.17 Table C experiences which time the field has the largest kinetic energy? (A) 0.00 (B) 0.85 (C) 1.17 (d) 1.25 Science of the total energy test.The area (A) is always the same (B) D-negative (c) Time. Crescent Suppose this experiment repeated less than ideal conditions as the effects of friction on the motion of the box can not beignored.Predict important that the friction would have on the acceleration of the box as it slides incline.explain if the cause of science help20points effect.3 Question


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