Anyone Ever Have Black Stools Has Your Dog Ever Had Black Stool? What Was It From? And What Was He/she's Treatment?

Has your dog ever had black stool? What was it from? And what was he/she's treatment? - anyone ever have black stools

Melena digested blood in stool dog feces, dark eyes, black and sometimes called "tar" and so on. Occurs when there is bleeding in the stomach or small intestine. Cancer, can cause foreign body ingestion of blood, drugs, hemorrhage and other things, this issue. Blood tests, stool tests, X-rays, tests and ultrasound can rule out certain diseases to be done to determine the cause. Treatment depends on what the veterinarian as the ratio of blood in the stool. Melena is serious and can threaten life, a trip to the vet is always so immediately, if this is the case.


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