Waxing Before And After Do I Take A Shower Before Or After Waxing?

Do i take a shower before or after waxing? - waxing before and after

So I read somewhere that it should have some sort of Painkiller, before 2 hours? Advil, Tylenol

And someone has some good advice about this or anything I should avoid or not (their wax microwavavle)


redneckc... said...

Yes, I would be something like Tylenol. I've heard that even a microwave and waxes can be difficult. I want to take a shower and after a seizure, it has something to excess wax off. I'm sure oil for vitamin C. When the growth that you have a good grip on the belt, or they would not start something and not too much wax in an area where they extract you just pull the wax because that is too thick and not the hair.

breemon said...

hmmmm ..... i dont do that ..

danger radio! said...

it does not hurt that bad, you need a drug to relieve pain! Be careful not to burn, and like all good, if not remove it completely.

The Rapist said...

Shut your mouth.

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