Picture Of Herpes On Stomach Is This A Cold Sore? (herpes) (picture)?

Is this a cold sore? (herpes) (picture)? - picture of herpes on stomach

I'm stuck between the grain / hair bumps / insect bites / wounds

http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w234/ ...

When a cold sore (herpes) - Can I have a severe bladder? as RAW images from Google / Yahoo!

For a message will be worse?


Artemis B said...

Perhaps, but my vote is for grain or insect bite. If you never had a cold sore before, probably not a cold sore since the first outbreak is usually more of a bump. Besides, who really looks different - green and open.

thegospo... said...

If there is a cold sore, I'm a monkey.

In general, only children and adolescents have always weakened immune system, severe outbreaks of cold sores. Usually you get one or two wounds that heal within two weeks.

My 2 a.m. to 4 p.m. years were unlucky to be exposed to the virus in preschool this year. They spent three weeks with pains everywhere and in terrible pain.

=]panda luvs yewwwww. said...

It is a cold sore, which he cares better soon

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