Very Very Young Lolas How To Care For A Very Young Red Maple Tree?

How to care for a very young Red Maple Tree? - very very young lolas

My aunt gave me a red maple factory in Rememberence my dog. She is very young (over knee) and do not do well.

We live in Florida and it is very hot here now. We have built a small shed, and it will be the sunlight in the morning but the sun during the day will not last. It seems always on the verge of death.

I started the flow of water (a very gentle flow) in almost all the time to leave, but I am afraid that the water will be. The soil is moist, but not waterlogging by all means. Even the water?

What can I do to get this tree alive is very important? Additionally, you must obtain the written leaves (usually)?

We have just poured in the construction of houses and began to water because it yesterday, if not yet taken the things. Thank you!


The Banana Guy said...

Get the outskirts of the time the sun and offer only filtered sunlight. It seems to be to survive, said great, but it can during the treatment with less water, you now give. They may constantly wet feet dry, the water or send it to a different world .... ie, allow to dry before rewatering some (but not complete). Do not fertilize at all this year until they completely covered the next year. So, let the leaves, clean cars. Hope this helps :-)

haair said...

I like water new trees and plants with containers of one liter of milk age. I drill a small hole, about two inches from the floor in this way is a slow drip when water rose out of the bottle is not the wind. Will grow, I had some trees die because of bad weather, but if the roots are still alive, a new tree. Reducing everything seems dead tree growth in the use of energy trying to fix. This link contains information about the red maple trees. Depending on where you are in Florida. it might get too hot. Maybe if I plant more trees to protect him against the sun is too hard it gets better. Good luck ...

NY PTK said...

Just a thought ... Do not miss the climate zones for Maple ... I do not think they can survive in Florida ... Perhaps a palm tree that works best.

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